Monday, January 24, 2011

School Life !

-Hari nie hari Isnin , Perhimpunan Rasmi di Dewan Datuk Anthony Gibun,Smk Tambunan .
-Kami MPP kena suruh kc diam pelajar sbb bising betul ba d dalam tu dewan time tu .
-Pengetua sudah pesan sama semua MPP kc diam pelajar sebelum dia datang.
-Saya sdh kc diam beberapa pelajar . tp mc lg bising yg lain.
-Jam 7 pengetua datang sdh p dewan.
-Perhimpunan dimulakan . Pra U atas 2 buat presentation durang pasal yg English Year Season 4.
-Madam Midiannah kc rasmi 2 English Year Season 4.
-2 Pra U atas 2 ada kc tingu kami video ... lucu nie 2 video ,, durang buat sendiri 2 video .
-Selepas tingu 2 video cikgu2 sekalian & pelajar2 Pra U atas 2 nyanyi lagu Miley Cyrus "the climb"  . Pelajar bising nie time 2.
-Lpas habis perhimpunan pengetua suruh semua Mpp & Pelajar pergi Padang.
-Di padang , pengetua marah nie sbb pelajar terlampau bising time d dewan.
-Trus dia bilang "Selagi kamu tidak ubah sikap kamu =>[bising semasa perhimpunan] kita akan adakan perhimpunan di padang SETIAP HARI. kalau hujan pn kmu tetap disini juga.Sampai sy betul2 percaya yg kmu sdh ubah sikap kamu baru kita adakan perhimpunan di dewan."
-Time pengetua sdg becakap ada nie 1 pelajar perempuan ting.3A te-jatuh,dia sakit .. Mpp trus bawa dia p bilik sakit.
-Jam 9 lebih sdh bru kami balik kelas masing2.
-Lawak nie, kawan sy c Alean minta hantar p bilik sakit sbb dia bilang dia sakit perut ... cirit-birit lg kunun . trus sy hantar lah p bilik sakit . 
-lepas habis ja rehat kedua,c Alean sembuh sdh ... punya cepat . Hhaha ! :DD
-Time subjek Sivik kami p Library , punya sesak di dalam . banyak class p sna time 2.
-Lpas subjek Sivik ... semua pelajar pulangggg . Yeayy ! hahha

Saturday, January 22, 2011



Family counts. It's where you start. It shapes you, nurtures you, and quite possibly exasperates you more than any other group you know.
You could easily spend most of your lifetime living in families and even when you live separately, you can find yourself organising your life around family commitments.
The interesting thing is that families are so different. Your family might include one generation or five, one parent or many, lots of siblings or none, people connected through blood ties or people brought together by choices, circumstance or legal relationships.
Whatever collection of people you might think of as your family right now, the make up of that group will change over time. The inevitable process of family members maturing requires your relationships to grow and develop as well.
Family transitions require you to adapt. Sometimes those changes are part of a natural process. Sometimes they are a cause for celebration, and sometimes they feel like a loss. Simply acclimatising to the change stretches your capacity for flexibility.
Families are complex systems. They are an important influence in your life. They can provide some of the most challenging situations you ever face.

Family Values
The word "family" can mean different things to different people. But no matter how our families are made up, most share some common values. It's worth thinking about what these are.
We don't often talk about the values that hold our families together. Yet they are always there, shaping the way we behave towards one another. Our values are what we draw on to cope with the ups and downs of family life.
Some values have been around forever while others may have been adopted quite recently by our parents' or grandparents' generations. It's worth thinking about our beliefs about birth, raising our children and the points where we pass from one stage of life to another.
What values do we hold around adolescence, for instance, or death? Are there things our family believed in in the past that we would like to go back to? Or are there values previous generations held that no longer fit our lives?
When we start thinking along these lines it's likely that most families will come up with a fairly common set of principles. For instance, most would say they support one another, trust one another, care for each other when things get tough, share their resources and make sure everyone in the family is safe.
It's important to talk about what binds us together because this is how children learn about how to treat others. What they learn at home about respecting and caring for others, and taking responsibility, feeds into their relationships at school, on the sports field, at work and, eventually, into their own families as adults.
Sometimes parents haven't had the opportunity to think about these sorts of things. Or they have been raised in families that were not safe, where they were abused, hurt or not respected. However, it's possible to break this cycle. We can choose to build families that are different from the ones we grew up in.
For instance, there are lots of things we can do to make our families work well. We can learn how to communicate so that our messages and feelings are understood and we understand how other people are feeling and what they are trying to tell us.
We can also learn how to resolve conflict in safe ways that strengthen our relationships and reinforce our values. Conflict is an inevitable, natural and healthy part of family life. No matter how close we are to someone we will find differences, and some of these will be irritating to us. But once we understand the other person's point of view our relationship with them will improve.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY, 'cause without them ... you'll never exist.

Mind Introduce ?

First of all, my name is 'Louise Lorna Lanne J' . My friends used to call me 'Lanne' , 'Triple L' and 'Bibie' and those are my Nickname . I was born on January of 20 ,1997 . guess what ? I'm 14 this year ! sweet 14 (:  so sad .. my family didn't celebrate my 14 birthday . But, I was Happy enough 'cause all of my friends in school and most of my friends on facebook wished me "Happy Birthday" . My bestfriend Claylin gave me a present , and the present is a frame ... a Castle frame (: . Kentucky Fried Chicken , Seafoods and Fried Rice is My Favourite food ! they are soooooo Delicious ... and Apple Juice is my Favourite drinks . 'Purple' is my favourite colour & I am so Addicted to it . most of my stuff are purple . I spent my leisure time by reading story books , listening to music , online Facebook ... Twitter .... and Blogging .

 I was the first child in 5 siblings . I have 3 young brother and 1 young sister,and I was the Big Sister .. Hee~(: my 1st young brother named Daniel Eldon,13,he is kinda Lazy BUT he is sooo Active in sport. I was kinda Jealous of him because he's active but I'm not . for your information,I am sooo not into sport .. I hate sport ! my young sister named Naomi Joyce,11,she is sooo annoying ... she love bragging and blah blah blah ... but in the other side, she's a good dancer . she dance better than me . Urrgh ! I guess I gotta go to the dance lesson ... :P my second young brother named Ethan Dylan,3,he's cute ... active ... and smart . and my last young brother named Jonathan Devon,1,he is soooo cute , S M I L E is jonathan hobby . (: 

My father is a Science teacher in SMK Tambunan,at my school. Haha ! :D
and My mother is a homemaker, she take care of our family and prepared breakfast for all of us to eat. (:

well,I guess that's all for now ....
-Thanks 4 Reading-

The Siblings 

Jonathan and my mom

My father (oo yaa ... I almost forgot to tell you that my father is a photographer)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celebrities that I Admired

I'm a huge Fan of Miley cyrus , Cody Simpson And Justin Bieber     
I love Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber since I was a little kid . & I love Cody Simpson when I heard his song iYiYi,,after listening to that song I was Addicted to it . After I knew Cody Simpson was the singer of the song "iYiYi" i became his Huge Fan ! (: 

 Miley Cyrus

Date of Birth
23 November 1992, Franklin, Tennessee, USA 

Birth Name
Destiny Hope Cyrus 


5' 4½" (1.64 m) 

Trade Mark
Her low voice.
Her southern accent

Destiny Hope Cyrus, best known as Miley Cyrus, is an American actress, singer and songwriter, born in November 23, 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee. She stars as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana in Disney series, Hannah Montana.
Miley Cyrus attended Heritage Middle School but she currently has a private tutor. She is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Cyrus. Miley has an older half-sister, named Brandi, two older half-brothers, Trace and Christopher Cody, a younger brother, Braison, and a younger sister, Noah Lindsey Cyrus, who is also an actress.
Destiny Hope kept all the day smiling when she was younger, that is the reason for her nickname "Miley", which comes from "Smiley". She has many pets, like dogs, cats, chickens and horses.
Miley had her first TV appearance when she was 9, playing a guest role, in her father's TV series "Doc". Then, in 2003, she worked in Tim Burton's Big Fish. She also appeared in the music video for "If Heartaches Have Wings". At the age of 12, Miley was chosen for Hannah Montana due to her energetic and lively performance. She was seen as a person who loves every minute of life, with the everyday relatability of Hilary Duff and the stage presence of Shania Twain. Moreover, Miley had a cameo in High School Musical 2, where she danced next to the pool.
On October 24, 2006, Walt Disney Records released the Hannah Montana Sountrack, which includes eight songs she performed as Hannah Montana. In June 26, 2007, Miley released a double album called "Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus". The first disc was the second Hannah Montana soundtrack, while the other one was her debut album. It contains ten songs, from which Miley co-wrote eight.

Cody Simpson

Real Name: Cody Simpson
Born: January,11 of 1997
Age: 13 years old boy (as of 2010)
Hometown: Gold Coast,Queensland,Australia
Genres: Pop,R&B
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter
Instruments: Guitar,vocals
Years Active: 2009-present
Labels: Atlantic Records
Associated Acts: Flo-Rida
Website: [url=] 

Early Life--------Simpson was born to parents Brad and Angie Simpson. He has two younger siblings, Tom and Alli. He is also a talented swimmer, winning two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships. Simpson trains at the Miami Swimming Club under coach Ken Nixon.Simpson's mother Angie works as a volunteer at the club.

Simpson began to record songs in his bedroom during the summer of 2009 on YouTube, performing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", tracks by Justin Timberlake and his own songs, "One" and "Perfect". He was subsequently discovered on YouTube by Shawn Campbell,a Grammy-nominated record producer who has produced for Jay-Z and other artists.

Music Career-------Simpson's rise to recognition was featured on The 7.30 Report in December 2009.He released his debut single, "iYiYi" (which features American rapper Flo Rida) on 15 May 2010. It was digitally released on 31 May 2010.On 14 June 2010, "iYiYi" debuted at #25 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart.The music video for "iYiYi" was released on 30 June 2010.Simpson moved to Los Angeles in June 2010 to record his songs with Atlantic Records and his producer Campbell.That same month, Simpson appeared on Sunrise.On 22 June 2010, it was announced that Simpson would participate in the Camplifted 2010 Tour, along with other artists, touring across the United States. The tour began on 5 July 2010 and will end on 13 August 2010. It is also Simpson's first public tour. 

Justin Bieber


Date of Birth
1 March 1994Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name
Justin Drew Bieber


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Discovered by Scooter Braun, who is also his manager.Usher Raymond signed him to Island Def Jam Records, and beat out Justin Timberlake's hopes of signing the young singer.His favorite color is purple, and he wears it a lot.Taught himself four instruments including the piano, guitar, drums. He hopes to learn the violin.Has a high GPA.Can moonwalk.The Dream produced and wrote his songs Baby and One Time.His single "Baby" debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.Moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his music career.
Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario in Canada; the same area as other stars including Brendan MeyerSeth Sieunarine and Shawn Roberts.The craziest gift from a fan that he received was a rubber golf club.Bought a Macbook Pro with his own money - one of his biggest purchases.Likes the show "Smallville".Started out by posting youtube videos in 2007.His debut album was "My World".
His mom, Pattie Mallette, travels with him all the time.Likes to play video games.Has a signature hair style.Met Céline Dion at a New York Knicks basketball game. She approached him and said my son loves your songs.Plays guitar at many of his concerts.Has performed with Rihanna at the Super Bowl Weekend concert in Miami.Likes to play hockey and basketball.Recorded a few songs with fellow singer Sean Kingston.Has one day a week where he just relaxes.
Recorded "We Are The World" for Haiti. He got the opening verse which was previously sung by Lionel Richie.Dad still lives in Canada.Wrote the song "Down To Earth" about his parents' divorce.The executive producer of his first record, My World was LA Reid.Has a twitter which he updates daily.
Is good friends with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.
His father's name is Jeremy, and his mother's name is Patty.