Friday, October 28, 2011

FAN-SIGN for my grandma

I made this fan-sign special for my grandma. :)

I love my grandma. I'm talking about my mother's mother. In the twenty one years I have known her, she has been the same great lady she always was. she was 61 years old now, but to me, she's always young, the one who's hardworking, cheerful and funny. There's a reason why I made this fan-sign for her. I made this fan-sign for her is because both of us are really close and both of us has the same history of life. my grandma lost her mom when she was only a little girl. I lost my mom(my grandma daughter)too when I was just 8 years old. my grandma father then marriage with another woman and the woman became my grandma stepmother. I have a stepmother too. 
My grandma is very lovely, caring and sweet. she always brings me and my sibling to the church every sunday. she always buy me everything I want even if I told her not to. whenever I felt sad, she knew just the way how to make me smile again. everytime I came to visit her, there's always my favorite food that were provided. my grandma knew me very well. she treat me like her daughter and she was like my mom. she knew me more than my own father knew me. 
grandma, only god know how big my love for you is. 
I thanked you forever for you caring. <3

Worried :/

I was facing the final exam now, and its still haven't finish - still got plenty to go. I've been a little bit stressful lately, because of my worried about the exam that I'm facing now. I'm afraid I can't score a good mark because my wish is to see the smile on my parents face and make them felt proud of me. Okey, I admitted, I never felt so worried like this before and yes, I cried a lot this week because of the stressful things that had been going on and because of the surrounding. every time I study, there's always a noisy noise and people interrupting me and because of that, I can't completely focus on what I'm reading, I felt like I read a blank book because nothing that I read were sent into my brain. It was like the nerve impulses are sent along the nerves to my brain but my brain cannot interprets the message. I felt like my nerve system is not working, then I cried. (I'm such a baby) I throw things and scream like crazy, well this is how I release the stress in my head 'cause I can't no longer hold the stress, it's too heavy to carry on. I text my friend telling them about my problem but none of them understand. I cried even more, then finally, I prayed. I asked for god help to help me to be strong to face all this things that was bothering me.
I felt worried about my future suddenly - and I promise to myself that I'll study hard until I can reach my dreams, to be a history teacher. :) this was a big promise I made to myself and I believe, with god help, I can reach my dreams 'cause nothing is impossible. I pray. I pray a lot. It helps me feel peace when things get really crazy, and I focus on what I'm doing, and what is most important.

Monday, October 10, 2011

End of holidays

     Today was the last day of our school holidays, that’s mean we have to go to school tomorrow.  I love going to school after a holiday but this time I felt different. I felt like I don’t want the holiday to end, I don’t know why, maybe because I have so much fun during the holiday. This is not always happened, usually I’ll have a boring holiday with nothing to do except being on the internet all day. But this time it was different because I spent most of my holiday at my village. I also spent my time with my grandparents, uncles, aunties and my cousins. I was far away from the internet and also far away from boredom. I’m glad that I had spent my holiday at my village. This was a good news. But when there’s a good new there’s always a bad news too, right? Okay, the bad news is I didn’t study for the whole holiday. I did bring along my textbook and exercise book but I didn’t touch them, they just sat there collecting dust. I spent most of the holiday reading story book and novels that I borrowed at the library. So this is my habit, my bad habit, I love borrowing books when the exam is around the corner and I don’t have time studying because I was too busy reading story books. HAHA. I get easily distract by a story book when I’m studying. I can finish a thick story book a day, I never get bored. My eyes were automatically stuck to the book I’m reading but when I’m reading a textbook I always felt sleepy and get bored. I don’t know why.
     So I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to story books and novels this time and say hello to textbook. I’ll practice myself to get used to reading a textbook.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random day and Random post

      My grandma and I woke up early today because we’re going to the tamu to buy some stuff. After we get ready, we walked along the street to catch the bus. It was not long when Mrs. Jovita saw us and gave us a ride because she’s going to the tamu too.  It was nice of her to give us a ride. When we arrived, we walked around the tamu and find stuff that we need. I saw this nice shoe and deep down in my heart I really want that shoes but I didn’t have money. My grandma saw me looking at the shoes and she asked me I want it or not so I say yes and she buy me the shoes. Oh grandma, I love you! Then I thanked her, of course. After we buy the stuff that we need, we went to the food stall and have lunch. When we were on our way out of the stall suddenly this old man jump in front of me and dance like crazy, I look at my grandma and she laugh. I didn’t laugh though because I don’t think it’s that funny I just gave the old man a smile and walked away with my grandma. When the old man was out of our sight I put a question mark on my face and asked my grandma “err... Grandma, do you know who’s that old man? Is he your friend?”  She looks at me and laughs “no.”  She answered simply. After that, we go to catch the bus and soon after we’re home.
     I drink two glasses of water and go to sleep. When I woke up it was 4 o’clock in the evening. I went to the kitchen, wash my face and start reading ‘The Healing Spell’ book. I only manage to read until chapter 9 then I close the book because the book was not as interesting as I thought it would be. My uncle sits on the couch and asked me “do you really don’t wanna go out and have a walk at least?”  I answered “why?”  then he say “you know, you didn’t go out of the house and play with your cousin since you came to visit us last Saturday and it has been a week. And I think you should go out and have some jog with your cousin.”  I sigh and answered “okay, I’ll do that.”  I put my sweater on and call my cousin next door. Before we go for a jog I help her with her math homework. Then we went for a jog from kampung Botung to kampung Piasau, it takes an hours to get there and an hours to go back. It was indeed a relaxing, fun and exhausting jog. We enjoy the jog and planned to have some jog tomorrow too, this time we’ll bring a lot of friends with us. It would be fun, I can’t wait.


     Like I said before, I’m gonna spent my holiday in my village. So here I am now. Let me tell you a little bit about what had happen today. I was reading one of the story books that I borrowed at the library and I’ve been reading it since morning until now, in the evening. I can’t let my eyes get away from the book because the story was so interesting.
     When I was focusing on reading the book suddenly my uncle came and asked me “bibie, do you afraid of ghost?”Then I answered “no of course, they not real anyway, silly.”It was getting darker and I heard my grandma call me and told me to take a shower and get ready for dinner. So I did.
     A few minutes later when I was in the shower, I heard my uncle said “bibie do you take so long to take a shower?” I sigh and answered “no, don’t worry I’ll be ready in a second.”I wear my clean clothes and get out from the bathroom and when I open the door I was shocked because I saw a ghost! I jumped into my grandma shoulder, screamed and close my eyes tight because I can’t barely see the ghost face, it’s too scary. And that’s when I heard a bunch of laugher, I open my eyes and realize that it was not actually a real ghost; it was my uncle wearing a ghost mask. The whole people in the kitchen were laughing so hard at me and I felt totally embarrassed. I blushed. Then I said “it’s not funny, uncle. I can’t believe you put a prank on me. You are so naughty! Ugh.” My uncle answered “chill, it was only a joke. I thought you said you’re not scared of ghost.” Then they all laugh at me again. I don’t know what to answer so I joined them laugh because it was kinda funny remembering how my reaction was just now. I can’t believe I was a total chicken -.-