Monday, October 10, 2011

End of holidays

     Today was the last day of our school holidays, that’s mean we have to go to school tomorrow.  I love going to school after a holiday but this time I felt different. I felt like I don’t want the holiday to end, I don’t know why, maybe because I have so much fun during the holiday. This is not always happened, usually I’ll have a boring holiday with nothing to do except being on the internet all day. But this time it was different because I spent most of my holiday at my village. I also spent my time with my grandparents, uncles, aunties and my cousins. I was far away from the internet and also far away from boredom. I’m glad that I had spent my holiday at my village. This was a good news. But when there’s a good new there’s always a bad news too, right? Okay, the bad news is I didn’t study for the whole holiday. I did bring along my textbook and exercise book but I didn’t touch them, they just sat there collecting dust. I spent most of the holiday reading story book and novels that I borrowed at the library. So this is my habit, my bad habit, I love borrowing books when the exam is around the corner and I don’t have time studying because I was too busy reading story books. HAHA. I get easily distract by a story book when I’m studying. I can finish a thick story book a day, I never get bored. My eyes were automatically stuck to the book I’m reading but when I’m reading a textbook I always felt sleepy and get bored. I don’t know why.
     So I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to story books and novels this time and say hello to textbook. I’ll practice myself to get used to reading a textbook.

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