Sunday, November 13, 2011

Copycats pissed me off -_-

It has been a while since I didn’t post anything here, maybe because it was holiday and I was enjoying life and didn’t have time for the internet. So yeah, I really did enjoying my life right now. Visiting my grandma at botung(my village) was always a good idea. I always felt happy when I was there because I have so many friends to play and hanging with. So I never get bored.

What I want to share with you today is “I HATE COPYCATS!” yeah, copycats are attacking me now it piss me off. Could you just be you? There is no harm in showing the real you and I was wondering, what is the reason you copy other people? to be famous? I don’t think so. Please, stop copying other people, you can be the best with who you really are, you just need to TRUST yourself. 

There’s this girl who like to copy everything I do and it really pissed me off -__- seriously, i don't need a friend like you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I can't wait

I can’t wait for tomorrow ‘cause tomorrow is the last day of school, then we have a one month and a half holiday. Yayy! I’m so excited! But, I felt like I don’t want to go to school tomorrow ‘because I fall sick just now, oh how I hate tonsils disease. -__- my sputum hurt a lot! But I have to go to school tomorrow because it is the last day of school and anyway there’s a talent show that going to be held  and I really want to hear my friends singing. There’s also a funfair that going to be held and I really want to go to the haunted house and meet the ghost.

I can’t wait for Christmas too. I have decided that I will celebrate Christmas at botung (my mom village) this year and we’ll have a visit before Christmas at beluran (my dad village). So it’s fair that I go to both of my village. My cousins from Melaka are going to celebrate Christmas at botung too and I can’t wait to see his face ‘cause it has been a year since the last time I saw him, his face must be very different now.

After the holiday I’m going to be in form 3 and I’m going to face the PMR soon because I’m one of the PMR candidates. I’m so scared and afraid I didn’t get a good result. I already promise my dad just now that I’ll get 7A for him and if I do he’ll buy a dslr camera for me. Yayy! He knows I love photography and now my mission is to study hard, do a lot of exercise and use my time well. I hope I could get 7A because I desperately want the dslr camera. Dear god, please help me J

I Have to study HARD. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Down :(

I hate when I was on the internet and it was raining, because the rain will make the internet connection become slow and slow and slow. More like a snail -_-

 So, we already got the science paper and I felt sad, extremely sad because I got a ‘B’ in science test, it was supposed to be ‘A’. I felt bad about my science result and I’m afraid I didn’t get 5A because I already promised my dad that I’ll get 5A for him and he’ll give me money $$ before that I was confident that I’ll get 5A if I study hard, so I stay up late every night and struggle. I study all the chapter and do exercise because I really want to get at least 5A. But now I felt down, really down because I got ‘B’ in science test and maybe a ‘C’ in history test because my history teacher said that no one get an A or B in the history test. Oh my god, I never get C in history test before, I have always got an A. :’(

I felt sad and afraid in the same time because all the subject that I hope I will get an A didn’t goes like what it’d planned. There are still 5 subjects left and I hope and really hope that I can score A in KH, BM, BI, Maths and GEO. Please let it be. There’s so many bad news I get this week and please give me some good news. I felt like I lost my confident already.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Finally, the final exam is now over. Relieved. Now, I can read as many story books as I like, online 24-hours, watch movies and watch TV’s as longer as I like without worrying about my studies. The school holiday is coming soon and I can’t wait ‘till it’s Christmas. Talking about Christmas, I don’t know where I’m going to celebrate Christmas this year, whether at beluran or at botung.  If you ask me, I want to celebrate in both of the place but the problem is, the distance between both of my village is so far away. This is the disadvantage of having a far village; I can’t celebrate Christmas in both of my village in one day. Oh how I hate it.

So, the reason I want to celebrate Christmas at botung is because all of my mom’s family members are going to celebrate Christmas and family’s day at there and there is also fun games and also prize for the winner too. Apart from that, there’s also going to have ‘aramaii tii’ too, of course. LOL. How exciting.

AND the reason I want to celebrate Christmas at beluran is because my grandma said that we’ll be making cupcakes and cookies for Christmas, I LOVE BAKING, especially cupcakes! And my aunt also planned to bring me, my siblings and my grandma to celebrate Christmas at my other aunt house at Sarawak. So there’s gonna be a lot of travelling and shopping of course. Yayy! BUT, she didn’t sure yet if she gets the ticket, if she didn’t get it, we have to cancel the plan. Ugh -.-

Oh god, I felt extremely frustrated about where I’m going to celebrate Christmas this year and I wish I could celebrate Christmas in both of my village. I know, it is an idle wish. If only I could celebrate Christmas in both places I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.