Monday, May 16, 2011

Every minute is precious .

I felt extremely happy cuz minute to minute my followers became more more and more. If you got Twitter acc , do follow me yaa readers ! :]!/Lannecupcakes
Dhueii , I'm bored . can someone please amuse me for a second , or make some jokes at least ? T.T I'm bored to dead . I'm not sleepy yet , haven't you see the clock ? It's only 11:11pm still early bh . Lol . Oh yaa ! astgha . I almost forgot oo , This friday is our PST exam . Alala , I haven't done studying yet oo . TING!* and idea comes . well , seems like there's only a few days left before the exam . I still have the chance to study . now . What NOW ? No . It would makes me more bored. so I guess I just go to the living room , turn on the TV and watch the TV . Hopefully there's something good to watch . see yaa ! :D

Tumblr :)

What a bad turns into a great day :)

     I'm late today . I already set the alarm thought , I woke up at 5am but then I continued to sleep . then I woke up at 6:03am . Damn ! I'm dead . the first thing I do was Hit the showers ,wear my school uniform , comb my hair , take my backpack , wear my shoes and walk as fast as I could to the school. 
     when I arrived , I can see that a few student were late too . GOOD! I'm not the only one . Haha ! but poor my stomach , I haven't eat breakfast . I'm superhyper hungry . 
     During the assembly, the 3A's student shown us a video and the video was extremely inspiring :] well done you guys ! 
     I was soo sleepy when it was in the BM subject . I don't know why , I just did . lol . so do my friends Claylin , she was sleepy too . We agreed to sleep together so that when the teacher saw us we will be scolded together . but , good for us . the teachers didn't notice us . :D
     when It comes to KH subject . I felt like I was diligent , I do everywork neatly plus nicely . Lol . during doing the work , my besty friends accidently made a joke and we laugh so hard my stomach hurt . even our teacher laugh too ! haha . 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ethan's Birthday !

I Felt extremely happy for my lil bro Ethan . Today is his birthday and today he reach 3 years old . And ofcourse , my Family celebrates his birthday . I can see a big SMILE on my bro's face and that tells me how happy he really is . My family bought a big square chocolate creamy cake , and it taste so delicious ! Y'know , I really love cakes ! My mum had prepared so much food to eat and all of 'em are delicious . I've taste all of it , and I have to admit that I eat a lot my stomach hurt . I have to go to the bathroom after that . lol . I also played the *Happy Birthday* song using my keyboard plus my family singing along . 

well, I guess that's all for now . see yaa :D thanks for reading thought :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus please come to Sabah :'(

I hope one day , Justin Bieber and Miley cyrus would come to Sabah . Those who have the chance to go to Justin  Bieber concert at KL was considered Lucky . not like me , I didn't have the chance to go there and I don't even have his CD . But still , I'm one of his huge fan .  Hopefully oneday Miley would come to Sabah . (: 

Exam is around the Corner !!

    The PST exam is around the corner ! Oh my . I haven't done studying BKD(Bahasa Kadazan Dusun) I have to study hard hard and hard on BKD , 'cause I didn't do well in the last exam which means I failed on this subject . Eventhough , I read read and read BKD a lot ! but I won't remember it at all , 'cause I don't even know what it means . like duhh , I am a Dusun child . both of my parents are dusun . but , I go to chinese school when I was in primary school . And we DID NOT have this subject . so maybe THAT was my problem . Huhh =.=' still got a long way to go . I wish I got at least 40 marks on BKD for the next coming exam .
      Well , I felt extremely happy thought for my History subject . I Do really well on the last exam , I get A . and I wish I could keep that marks for the coming exam . As for now, It's important that I learn to manage my time well . I will NOT study at the last minute AGAIN  'cause it's no use I will not be fully prepared .
      People say *where there's a will , there's always a way* I will set my mind to do well in my next coming exam . I will work hard to achieve a BETTER results and see the smiles on my parents faces .
       Wish Me Luck Guys ! :D

Friday, May 13, 2011

Reading is my stuff . It has been a part of my Life :)

I've read this book & the story was soo freaking me out ! the story was kinda creepy . Plus , the story was Interesting & good to read . I enjoy reading it thought .I borrowed this book at the Library. FYI , reading that kind of stuff is my thing especially for the *Poison Apple book* and *Candy Apple Book* . I'm extremely into it .

I've read this book too , Borrowed from the Library . This book is extremely Fabulous , Glamorous , Sparkle , Glitter and that kind of stuff . The story was very Interesting , and if you were a fashion addict .. you should read this book . Trusth me , It's inspiring :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Imma Keyboard Girl . Music on :33

My dad told me to throw the Trash and wash the dishes .. So I did . After back from throwing the Trash I continue to wash the dishes . Then, I go to my room .. when I open my room door .. WOW (o.O) I was Shock ! There's a Keyboard on my bed ! the things that I've always wanted ! my Dad fulfill my dreams :DD , thanks Dad ! :] hoho . I'm sooo Happy :33 

since I got the keyboard , I never felt bored anymore .. I will play the keyboard everyday cause  My day won't complete without playing keyboard  :] Haha . The sound of the keyboard make my brain & my heart feels calm . Hoho ^_^

well, I got a little problem here .. It's hard for me to play left and right hand simultaneously . I have to practice hard on that part (==') duhh , still got a long way to go ..