Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday :]

  The PPP2 exam is nearer, so that’s mean I have to study, study and study. I’ve decided to prepare myself earlier this time and study every day, I mean study earlier. I would NOT study at the last minute again, ‘cause it’s no used. I won’t remember like the whole thing. I will also make a study group with my buddy’s at the library during the first or second recess but that’s ONLY if there is no obstacle. hopefully I was free during the recess so that I could go to the library. Let’s just pray. It’s not that I was really that busy, the thing is I’m the MPP . And the MPP was on duty to check the school during the RECESS! Oh Man! Well, we got our duty time table. If I was on duty to check on the canteen.. my oh my, I’m surely would be a lot busier =.=’ but If I was on duty to check the foyer the ABC or DEF block then I was free, It’s not that I was really FREE it just that I know how to skip doing those checking things in those places. HAHA. Shush up! Don’t tell anybody :-%  
[sory for my broken english :p]

Thursday :]

 Most of the teachers didn’t enter the class today, so school was pretty booring. Well, the Malay subject was quite exciting thought. We were practicing on drama. I love drama.
  When I get home today, I was surprise to see my grandma in the living room. And when I entered the house, I saw my dad quickly headed to the door and drive off. So, I asked my grandma what she’s doing here and she told me that my mom was at the hospital. Omigosh! She has a new born baby, a girl! I have a new sister, HORAYY! I felt extremely happy. I can’t wait to see her face, she must be adorable. I wonder what my parents would name her. Well, maybe I could suggest a name for her.. Maybe Racquel ? I hope they name her Racquel, ‘cause I think Racquel was a cute name.
  Right now I was reading the books ‘Girls Muddy Moody yet Magnificient’ , but I couldn’t hardly focus because I felt so excited , well-you-know.. about the new born baby. HAHA :D

Wednesday :]

  I’ve just done reading the story books (The not-so-great depressions) the story is pretty interesting thought, I enjoy reading them. Remember about the old women that been killed? The woman was really been hit by a car. Well, that’s what I heard from my friends. Okay let just not talk about this, there’s a competition being held at my school. The competition was writing an essay about *what does reading mean to you* and to draw a story books cover competition. I was interested in both of this competition so I think I would like to join the competition. I’ve already done writing the essay and draw the story books cover. I don’t know what the story books title is. So I just draw what I like. Ha-ha. Hopefully, I win the competition and I hope and really hope the gift was a story books. Did I mention you that books are my favorite? If no, then yes.. I love books.
    I think I’m missing someone, I don’t know who or what, I just felt it. Maybe I miss my long hair, Haha..  (I’m kidding).  So, I think that’s all I want to talk about for today. bubye! :D

Tuesday :]

   I just done watching astro tutor TV (pmr) channel 602, it helps a lot! I’ve decided I want to watch it every day in other way it helps me to study. I was supposed to study at this moment, but I don’t feel like studying now. I will later. Right now, besides of typing I was reading a story book title: The Not-So-Great Depression. Reading.. that was my daily routine. Well-you-know-me.. my day would be extremely bored without reading story books. Today dinner I cooked for my own, which was sad because when I woke up there’s nothing food left for me. Gaah! So, I cooked fried rice for myself. I was good in cooking fried rice you know. If you want me to cook for ya, I promise that it’ll taste delicious! Haha. I once cooked a fried rice for my brother and he say it tasted delicious and from that day, I keep practicing on how to cook a fried rice and hopefully I’ll excel on cooking, and now I did.. Well sort of  :-S
  I just learned a new song today, a scout song. Did I mention that I’m a scout? If no, so here I am..  telling you that “I’M A SCOUT! And I was proud to be one.” (HAHA)
  I hate when the school schedule keep changing, aren’t the teachers tired changing the schedule. Duhh =.=’ the last week schedule was okay and awesome and I get used to it but now there’s a new schedule again. FYI the new schedule was soooo way too boring I mean the subject that were arranged, it were arranged in a boring way, boring subject in a boring time and whatsoever as long as it is boring, boooringg =.=’ Hopefully, there’s a new better+awesome schedule next week ‘cause I was getting tired of this new whatsoever boring schedule.

Monday :]

  Ohmigosh!   I just heard that there’s a crime going on in my village (sunsuron). An old woman holding a plastic of vegetables was hit by a car. Well, it’s not the real story actually.. That just what grownups says to kids. The truth story sounded like this: An old woman holding a plastic of vegetables was killed during the night of Sunday in the broadways. Her head were tattered (eww) the suspect was the old woman husband. I’m not really sure about this whole thing it’s what I heard from my friend and my mom and my dad and my grandma okayy the whole people around me was talking about that! What a big issues going on here.. Hmm.