Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday :]

  The PPP2 exam is nearer, so that’s mean I have to study, study and study. I’ve decided to prepare myself earlier this time and study every day, I mean study earlier. I would NOT study at the last minute again, ‘cause it’s no used. I won’t remember like the whole thing. I will also make a study group with my buddy’s at the library during the first or second recess but that’s ONLY if there is no obstacle. hopefully I was free during the recess so that I could go to the library. Let’s just pray. It’s not that I was really that busy, the thing is I’m the MPP . And the MPP was on duty to check the school during the RECESS! Oh Man! Well, we got our duty time table. If I was on duty to check on the canteen.. my oh my, I’m surely would be a lot busier =.=’ but If I was on duty to check the foyer the ABC or DEF block then I was free, It’s not that I was really FREE it just that I know how to skip doing those checking things in those places. HAHA. Shush up! Don’t tell anybody :-%  
[sory for my broken english :p]


  1. pun blum lg mula stdy, padahal exam ndak lama lg..thanx for waking me up..such a good post..