Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday :]

  I’ve just done reading the story books (The not-so-great depressions) the story is pretty interesting thought, I enjoy reading them. Remember about the old women that been killed? The woman was really been hit by a car. Well, that’s what I heard from my friends. Okay let just not talk about this, there’s a competition being held at my school. The competition was writing an essay about *what does reading mean to you* and to draw a story books cover competition. I was interested in both of this competition so I think I would like to join the competition. I’ve already done writing the essay and draw the story books cover. I don’t know what the story books title is. So I just draw what I like. Ha-ha. Hopefully, I win the competition and I hope and really hope the gift was a story books. Did I mention you that books are my favorite? If no, then yes.. I love books.
    I think I’m missing someone, I don’t know who or what, I just felt it. Maybe I miss my long hair, Haha..  (I’m kidding).  So, I think that’s all I want to talk about for today. bubye! :D

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