Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday :]

   I just done watching astro tutor TV (pmr) channel 602, it helps a lot! I’ve decided I want to watch it every day in other way it helps me to study. I was supposed to study at this moment, but I don’t feel like studying now. I will later. Right now, besides of typing I was reading a story book title: The Not-So-Great Depression. Reading.. that was my daily routine. Well-you-know-me.. my day would be extremely bored without reading story books. Today dinner I cooked for my own, which was sad because when I woke up there’s nothing food left for me. Gaah! So, I cooked fried rice for myself. I was good in cooking fried rice you know. If you want me to cook for ya, I promise that it’ll taste delicious! Haha. I once cooked a fried rice for my brother and he say it tasted delicious and from that day, I keep practicing on how to cook a fried rice and hopefully I’ll excel on cooking, and now I did.. Well sort of  :-S
  I just learned a new song today, a scout song. Did I mention that I’m a scout? If no, so here I am..  telling you that “I’M A SCOUT! And I was proud to be one.” (HAHA)
  I hate when the school schedule keep changing, aren’t the teachers tired changing the schedule. Duhh =.=’ the last week schedule was okay and awesome and I get used to it but now there’s a new schedule again. FYI the new schedule was soooo way too boring I mean the subject that were arranged, it were arranged in a boring way, boring subject in a boring time and whatsoever as long as it is boring, boooringg =.=’ Hopefully, there’s a new better+awesome schedule next week ‘cause I was getting tired of this new whatsoever boring schedule.

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