Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday :]

 Most of the teachers didn’t enter the class today, so school was pretty booring. Well, the Malay subject was quite exciting thought. We were practicing on drama. I love drama.
  When I get home today, I was surprise to see my grandma in the living room. And when I entered the house, I saw my dad quickly headed to the door and drive off. So, I asked my grandma what she’s doing here and she told me that my mom was at the hospital. Omigosh! She has a new born baby, a girl! I have a new sister, HORAYY! I felt extremely happy. I can’t wait to see her face, she must be adorable. I wonder what my parents would name her. Well, maybe I could suggest a name for her.. Maybe Racquel ? I hope they name her Racquel, ‘cause I think Racquel was a cute name.
  Right now I was reading the books ‘Girls Muddy Moody yet Magnificient’ , but I couldn’t hardly focus because I felt so excited , well-you-know.. about the new born baby. HAHA :D


  1. Well, congrats!Baby girl!!!you must be sooooo excited!A new baby, im sooo jealous..Racquel? nice..its a unique name and cute name..

  2. hahhaha , yaa Im sooo excited :D thanks but that's not her name . my mom name her Delanie Clarissa :)