Thursday, August 18, 2011

nothing much ;]

  I felt extremely excited today. Guess what, I won the third place for the drawing books covers competition. Even thought I didn’t win the first place but at least I got a price. The price was a story book. The titles of the story book that I got are ‘Master Crook’s crime academy (burglary for beginners’) and ‘goddess girl Aprodite for beauty’. The story book is a scholastic book which is my favorites. Oh ya, our group also won the *Jejak Ilmu* competition. We won the second place. The price is a file, story books and a pen. My group members are Lisa, Joy and me myself. There’s only the three of us. Each of us got the same price but a different story books. Mine was the *Fairy School Dropout*.
  Next week is the PPP2 exam, oh god... I’m so afraid. I did study and I was studying now. I do hope I past the exam and got a better result. My dad said, if I got A’s in all subject except for the bahasa kadasan dusun he’ll give me his Acer laptop. He got two laptop. So, I HAVE to study hard to get that laptop! Ahaha. Today, I was supposed to be joining my friends for the Kelab Pencinta Alam camping until Sunday. But I thought if I join the camping I don’t have time to study. I’m having a hard time to choose whether I should join the camping or just stay home studying; I want to join the camping because that’s what I’ve been waiting for, like for ages. But I also want to stay home studying and get A’s in all subject for the exam and get the laptop. I felt extremely flustered now. (=.=’)
  I end up staying home and studying ‘cause for me the exam is more important than the camping. Lagipun there’s always next year bah… camping nanti-nanti pun boleh. Hehe J  btw, this week is the best week… well, I don’t exactly know why, it just did. Haha :D

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