Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holidays suck sometimes -.-

I hate holidays -.- when it comes to holidays, I'll always have a boring one. I spent one whole week holidays doing nothing, well except for being on the Internet. 
Ugh, I rather go to school and do tons of homework than spending one whole week holidays doing NOTHING. 
What I hate the most is that I often fell ill during the holidays and didn't have enough energy to do like Everything, except for being on the Internet. ahaha ;DD 
But I LOVE weekends. especially the Friday night, I always spent Friday night watching movies with my Imaginary friend. LOL, just kidding! I watch the movie alone. haha 


  1. you can do everything on Holidays. chatting with your friends, reading books, listening to the radio and first of all you can read my comment. i"m not fluent in English but I tried to learned it by myself. for me that Holidays is best way to to communicate to someone special..:)