Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yeaayy ! Holidays . I felt extremely happy because we have a one week and 4 days holiday but I also felt sad because I miss my friends and I know my holiday will be bored like it always be. I do hope my holiday would be different this time with a whole lot of fun. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time facebooking and tweeting and I can’t really remember when is the last time I study. The PAT exam is coming soon, and I felt exceedingly afraid because I just got a few weeks to study before the final exam and there’s so much to study. I need to study back all that I’ve already learn so that I can excel very well in the exam. I felt dreadfully of myself because I’ve been slothful and indolent these days. All I do is being on the internet for hours and wasting my time. So, I guess I really do need to study hard during this holiday to catch up my lessons. Anyway, I’m going to visit my grandparents for the rest of the holidays so I’ll be far away from the internet and I’ll use my time by doing useful thing and not to waste my time doing the not useful thing like I always does. I’ve decided that I will bring along my entire textbook and story book that I borrowed at the school library to my village and spent my holidays reading and doing exercise. I will also spend my time with my grandparents ‘cause it has been a while since I visited them the last two weeks ago and I really do miss them.

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