Thursday, September 22, 2011

My favorite teacher :)

     My favorite teacher was my English teacher, we call her madam Jane. She is gorgeous at all the time. Her class was always the best. I could always understand what she’s teaching because she was always so clear in her explanations and teaching us extremely neat. She also inspired us a lot, she made every student feel special and she lead us to be a better person. 
     She is always giving us exercise more and more so that we’ll excel in our exam. I like that. I do well in my last exam and I forever thank her.  She knew a lot of stuff and she shared her knowledge and experience freely. That’s what I like about her. She is also firm sometimes with our homework and our exam grade. 
     She is also the one who teach us to be brave. When we were in form 1, we didn’t often volunteer our self to answer the teacher question because we were afraid if the answer was wrong. She sees that when we were in form 2 and told us to be brave to answer the teacher question and felt confident with the answer because even if the answer was wrong, she will correct it. She won’t be mad at us because she knows everyone made mistake. And that’s what we do in school, we learn and try to correct our mistake and not do it again. 
     I truly hope she will teach us English subject next year too because she’s very professional and the best.

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