Thursday, November 3, 2011

Down :(

I hate when I was on the internet and it was raining, because the rain will make the internet connection become slow and slow and slow. More like a snail -_-

 So, we already got the science paper and I felt sad, extremely sad because I got a ‘B’ in science test, it was supposed to be ‘A’. I felt bad about my science result and I’m afraid I didn’t get 5A because I already promised my dad that I’ll get 5A for him and he’ll give me money $$ before that I was confident that I’ll get 5A if I study hard, so I stay up late every night and struggle. I study all the chapter and do exercise because I really want to get at least 5A. But now I felt down, really down because I got ‘B’ in science test and maybe a ‘C’ in history test because my history teacher said that no one get an A or B in the history test. Oh my god, I never get C in history test before, I have always got an A. :’(

I felt sad and afraid in the same time because all the subject that I hope I will get an A didn’t goes like what it’d planned. There are still 5 subjects left and I hope and really hope that I can score A in KH, BM, BI, Maths and GEO. Please let it be. There’s so many bad news I get this week and please give me some good news. I felt like I lost my confident already.


  1. Calm down sis..rhehe...
    Its normal if u got result not like ur me before i got 8b on trial but i can get 7a in thr real exam
    Dont think about money,think about our future...
    Gud luck sis!!