Friday, October 28, 2011

Worried :/

I was facing the final exam now, and its still haven't finish - still got plenty to go. I've been a little bit stressful lately, because of my worried about the exam that I'm facing now. I'm afraid I can't score a good mark because my wish is to see the smile on my parents face and make them felt proud of me. Okey, I admitted, I never felt so worried like this before and yes, I cried a lot this week because of the stressful things that had been going on and because of the surrounding. every time I study, there's always a noisy noise and people interrupting me and because of that, I can't completely focus on what I'm reading, I felt like I read a blank book because nothing that I read were sent into my brain. It was like the nerve impulses are sent along the nerves to my brain but my brain cannot interprets the message. I felt like my nerve system is not working, then I cried. (I'm such a baby) I throw things and scream like crazy, well this is how I release the stress in my head 'cause I can't no longer hold the stress, it's too heavy to carry on. I text my friend telling them about my problem but none of them understand. I cried even more, then finally, I prayed. I asked for god help to help me to be strong to face all this things that was bothering me.
I felt worried about my future suddenly - and I promise to myself that I'll study hard until I can reach my dreams, to be a history teacher. :) this was a big promise I made to myself and I believe, with god help, I can reach my dreams 'cause nothing is impossible. I pray. I pray a lot. It helps me feel peace when things get really crazy, and I focus on what I'm doing, and what is most important.


  1. ko buli tu! :) jan stress2..bikin gila saja klu stress2 :)