Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random day and Random post

      My grandma and I woke up early today because we’re going to the tamu to buy some stuff. After we get ready, we walked along the street to catch the bus. It was not long when Mrs. Jovita saw us and gave us a ride because she’s going to the tamu too.  It was nice of her to give us a ride. When we arrived, we walked around the tamu and find stuff that we need. I saw this nice shoe and deep down in my heart I really want that shoes but I didn’t have money. My grandma saw me looking at the shoes and she asked me I want it or not so I say yes and she buy me the shoes. Oh grandma, I love you! Then I thanked her, of course. After we buy the stuff that we need, we went to the food stall and have lunch. When we were on our way out of the stall suddenly this old man jump in front of me and dance like crazy, I look at my grandma and she laugh. I didn’t laugh though because I don’t think it’s that funny I just gave the old man a smile and walked away with my grandma. When the old man was out of our sight I put a question mark on my face and asked my grandma “err... Grandma, do you know who’s that old man? Is he your friend?”  She looks at me and laughs “no.”  She answered simply. After that, we go to catch the bus and soon after we’re home.
     I drink two glasses of water and go to sleep. When I woke up it was 4 o’clock in the evening. I went to the kitchen, wash my face and start reading ‘The Healing Spell’ book. I only manage to read until chapter 9 then I close the book because the book was not as interesting as I thought it would be. My uncle sits on the couch and asked me “do you really don’t wanna go out and have a walk at least?”  I answered “why?”  then he say “you know, you didn’t go out of the house and play with your cousin since you came to visit us last Saturday and it has been a week. And I think you should go out and have some jog with your cousin.”  I sigh and answered “okay, I’ll do that.”  I put my sweater on and call my cousin next door. Before we go for a jog I help her with her math homework. Then we went for a jog from kampung Botung to kampung Piasau, it takes an hours to get there and an hours to go back. It was indeed a relaxing, fun and exhausting jog. We enjoy the jog and planned to have some jog tomorrow too, this time we’ll bring a lot of friends with us. It would be fun, I can’t wait.

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