Friday, October 28, 2011

FAN-SIGN for my grandma

I made this fan-sign special for my grandma. :)

I love my grandma. I'm talking about my mother's mother. In the twenty one years I have known her, she has been the same great lady she always was. she was 61 years old now, but to me, she's always young, the one who's hardworking, cheerful and funny. There's a reason why I made this fan-sign for her. I made this fan-sign for her is because both of us are really close and both of us has the same history of life. my grandma lost her mom when she was only a little girl. I lost my mom(my grandma daughter)too when I was just 8 years old. my grandma father then marriage with another woman and the woman became my grandma stepmother. I have a stepmother too. 
My grandma is very lovely, caring and sweet. she always brings me and my sibling to the church every sunday. she always buy me everything I want even if I told her not to. whenever I felt sad, she knew just the way how to make me smile again. everytime I came to visit her, there's always my favorite food that were provided. my grandma knew me very well. she treat me like her daughter and she was like my mom. she knew me more than my own father knew me. 
grandma, only god know how big my love for you is. 
I thanked you forever for you caring. <3


  1. blog walking and found your blog! how cool. i've been follow your blog. will u visit and follow me back too? love to be ur friend :)

  2. aww sure hun :) thanks for following, I love to be your friend too ^^