Friday, January 13, 2012


     So it has been 3 months I didn’t post anything here, I was kind of really busy lately.
I was one of the PMR candidates this year and I’m more into focusing on my study than being on the internet. I decided that I want to study earlier for the PMR exam because I really want to score 7As and get that dslr camera my dad promise me to buy if I score 7As. Dslr camera as a gift was like a dream come true ‘cause I really love taking picture. More like a photography. Wanna know why? It’s because for me the picture that I capture was more like a memories that can’t be erased and you can always look back at the picture and even if the people you’ve known change, the picture of them will never change.
     So yeah, I get pretty excited knowing that I’ll turn fifteen next Friday. My birthday was on January 20, I wish greyson chance will follow me on twitter on my birthday, I know it’s impossible for him to notice me ‘cause he have like 1,434,422 million followers! But it worth a try ‘cause sometimes wishes do come true :)
     Btw, I wanna thanks Mr. George Gumpah for his very understanding teaching. I really understand what he teach and I found out that maths is now one of my favorite subject because of him! :D
     I was very happy with our class new looks, we paint our class with green color and we also decorate it and now it was like a paradise and it was a very comfy place to study! Now this is what I call a CLASS. We also get the teacher we like teaching us! I felt extremely happy, and when I say I’m happy, I mean HAPPY :) thanks to our very caring and dedicated teacher Mdm. Cathrine :)
     so yeah, I guess that’s all. Wish we good luck on my study! ^^ thanks.

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  1. Good luck to you my friend. And i knew you got the higher grade. And received prize came to your dd.